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The World’s Most Loyal Dogs (Is Yours One of Them?)

Dog walking on the street

German Shepherds

There’s a reason you see German Shepherds partnering with law enforcement as canine officers; the dogs are seriously loyal – not to mention pretty smart. If you thought the police force was the only employer of German Shepherds, think again; the breed is also often used for search and rescue dogs, war dogs, watchdogs and service animals.

That’s because these animals are super loyal to their handlers – to the point they’ll often defend them to the death. But being so smart and responsible all the time has its requirements; German Shepherds need a lot of exercise, time and attention from their owners. And with long (beautiful) hair, they require brushing and grooming more often than many other breeds.

Border Collies

No one who ever saw Lassie doubted that border collies were loyal. And that assumption rings true in real-life scenarios. Border Collies are sheepdogs, and they’ll follow you like a sheep – if you’re their master. Collies of all kinds are also very loving and nurturing, which make them the perfect family dog for families with small (or large) children. And with a collie, you’ve got a built-in watchdog; you’ll likely have to get used to hearing a bark or the shuffling of a very curious, somewhat concerned dog when a stranger shows up at your door.


If legends, books and movies tell you anything, it’s that Akitas are loyal. This Japanese dog is famous for their loyalty to their owners – and their ability to defend those they love. In fact, the dog is often referred to as a “bear” because it was originally bred as a large game hunter.

If that frightens you, it shouldn’t. Akitas are loyal, courageous and protective of their owners. Just read the story about Hachiko, Japan’s most famous Aikita, who waited for his master every day at the train station to walk him home. When the master died, the Akita continued to wait for him every day – for nine years. Japan was so touched by the story they built a monument to the dog.

Golden Retriever

Often seen sporting the bright-colored vest of a service dog, Golden Retrievers are considered the ideal family dog. That’s because, in addition to being very smart, the dogs are also super agreeable and loving. That means they’ll take a task on and take it seriously.

Very social and playful by nature, a Golden Retriever is happiest playing at the park or at a family gathering with the people he or she loves. Although they’re low-maintenance in the behavior department, if you have a Golden you know you’ll need to make sure they’re groomed and brushed often – that beautiful long coat can get tangled and matted easily!

Labrador Retriever

Ok, even before Marley and Me came around, who didn’t love a Labrador? This ever-popular family dog is popular for a reason; the lab is super loyal, super obedient and completely loving. From protecting the new family baby to assisting the blind or deaf, Labrador Retrievers find service as a way of life. And if you’ve got other pets in the family, don’t worry; Labs are great with other breeds of dogs and other kind of pets – even cats!

Did your BFF make the list? Tell us what makes your dog so loyal!