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New Year’s Resolutions Your Doggie Wants You to Make

Dog playing

Give me more exercise

Not that we’re judging, but there are a lot of overweight doggie friends out there. Of course we love them just as they are, but chances are if that dog of yours is overweight, he’s not feeling as good as he could be on a daily basis – and he probably doesn’t have the energy he should! This year, resolve to give your doggie a little more exercise. It doesn’t take much to give your pal a quick workout. A walk around the neighborhood, a session at the dog park or a game of fetch might make all the difference in his fitness level – and his overall wellbeing!

Stop giving me (unhealthy human) treats

Okay, this is one your dog might not actually think she wants you to make, but it’s definitely in her best interest – and it’s harder than you think it will be. Let’s be honest, when your doggie is looking at you from under the table with those, well, puppy dog eyes, it’s difficult to say no. So when you’re enjoying that greasy hamburger, that vanilla cupcake or maybe even that peanut butter cookie, be careful about allowing your furry friend to take part in your enjoyment. Hey, it is a new year after all, so maybe the two of you should make some healthy resolutions you can keep together!

Get me some training

If you’ve got a sweet little pup (or full grown dog!) who acts a bit like a bull in a china closet wherever you happen to take him, this is the year to resolve to get him some real, professional training. This isn’t just for your benefit (though it will certainly benefit you). When a dog is trained well, he can handle being in just about any situation. That means he gets to accompany you to cafes, on car rides or even when you travel. Not to mention that having an untrained dog in your home can be a liability. Training your doggie is a great way to keep everyone in your family (including him!) safer and happier!

Make me look pretty

Does your doggie’s day-to-day look make others think she’s up for adoption? If it’s been a while since your dog has had a little love in the personal care department, resolve to do better for her in 2017. After all, you get feeling a little disheveled when you’ve gone too long without an appointment at the spa or salon, so help your doggie feel her best by bringing her into Doggie District a little more often. Not only will we pamper your pup with tender loving care, we’ll make sure she leaves looking –and feeling – her very best.

Spend more time with me

Chances are, this is the resolution your doggie wants you to make more than any other. Dogs are special beings, in that all they really want is interaction and attention from the people they love most – their families! This year, resolve to spend a little more time with your doggie. Whether that means more walks, jogs, games or just some quiet time spent cuddling on the couch watching TV, your dog craves that attention and interaction. Make his year the best yet by resolving to be there for him more often.

Your turn: how will you be a better puppy parent in 2017?