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8 things your dog really wants for Christmas

Happy dog

Treats. Like, the good treats

You know the treats we’re talking about. Those grocery-store chewing bones are for any old Monday. But when it’s time to show your dog you care, you splurge on those delicious, natural (maybe even organic?) treats. Not only will he love splurging on holiday goodies (just like you do), but it will actually help you keep him out of yours! No more stolen turkey (okay, well maybe just a little less stolen turkey).

Throw toys

Your dog is a simple creature. She loves nothing more than a playful game of fetch in the park. But that old tennis ball just isn’t cutting it anymore. I mean, it’s practically falling apart and she’s pretty convinced some other neighborhood canines have played a round with it as well. If you’ve been chasing your dog from the shiny, beautiful ornaments on the tree all month long, reward her with a beautiful new throw toy or a whole pack of tennis balls.

Some quality time

You might be wondering what to get your dog this year, but chances are, he’s the easiest recipient on your list. What your dog really wants is to spend some quality alone time with you! You’re his favorite person, and he’d love nothing more than a lazy movie night curled up on the couch (if there’s food and treats – all the better).

A belly rub

As humans, we’re not always too keen on letting others touch – much less rub – our bellies (particularly around the holiday eating season). But your dog really, really loves it. Give her the gift she’s been pining for – a long belly rubbing session that allows her to relax and enjoy her time with you. If you’re smart, you’ll reward her with this gift right after your crazy house guests leave!

A stocking

Whether it’s filled with dog-friendly treats or newspaper, your dog will have a ball figuring out exactly what’s inside that stocking (and maybe even how to chew it apart). This year, make your dog feel like part of the family by hanging a stocking on the mantel just for him. Every member of the family can find the perfect gift to tuck inside!

Some new friends

If your dog tends to be the homebody type (because you’re the homebody type), maybe this is the year you give her the gift of friendship. Find a new dog park to take your pup to, and let her lead the way in making new friends and playmates. Turns out your dog just might be a little more social than you thought!

An ugly sweater

Okay, so maybe your dog isn’t dying for an ugly sweater, but when everyone else is donning their light-up, reindeer bedazzled duds, it doesn’t hurt to make your best friend feel like part of the scene. When you gift your doggie a new holiday sweater, it not only gets him into the spirit of the season, but he becomes the best holiday accessory imaginable. Brilliant!

A new look

If it’s been a while since your dog has had the full VIP treatment, it’s time for a date with Doggie District. Our spa services will help your favorite pet look – and feel – her best this holiday season. Whether you need a basic grooming, a full training session or a day of care, we’re ready to treat your furry friend exactly as she deserves. Come see us today!