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7 Dog Breeds That Are Great For Anxiety

happy dog kissing a lady


If you’ve ever researched anxiety, you already know that exercise can help you reduce it in your life. If you have a boxer, you’re likely going to get more than enough exercise. That’s because these dogs tend to need a lot of exercise – and that’s a great thing if your anxiety frequently keeps you cooped up inside the house and avoiding physical activities.

Boxers are also very playful. In fact, they’re pretty much “puppies” until about age three. But all that playfulness doesn’t detract from the fact that boxers are sweet and sensitive, with the ability to sense when someone they love is feeling sad or unhappy. Sounds like a great friend to us!

Great Dane

What their impressive size doesn’t make obvious is that Great Danes are known as one of the most gentle breeds of dogs. Great Danes love nothing more than sitting quietly with their parents or cuddling on the floor next to the fireplace. That said, these lovely dogs are also happy to play around, especially if it allows them to be affectionate, which they are by nature. And if barking doesn’t help your anxiety, a Dane might just be for you – they don’t do it much.


Live near the river, lake or ocean? A Newfoundland will love coming home with you. That’s because this breed of dog particularly loves the water, and that makes it a great dog for anxiety; he or she will frequently motivate you to head to the beach or banks – a place that is naturally calming and therapeutic.

Newfoundlands are also very intelligent while being quiet and calm by nature. More than anything, these sweethearts love to sit and cuddle with their family members.

Welsh Corgi

If loyalty is what you look for in a dog (and who doesn’t?), the Welsh Corgi has it in spades. But beyond is the ability to attach emotionally to its owner, Welsh Corgis are also easy to train and happy in a family environment – two characteristics that make them the perfect fit for people suffering from anxiety.

But if all quiet all the time is what you want, you may be barking up the wrong tree (see what we did there?). That’s because these little guys tend to get raucous and playful now and then.

Bernese Mountain Dog

If you’re not always joyful and happy, you might want a dog who makes up for the good moods you sometimes lack. A Bernese Mountain dog is, in a word, joyful. These dogs have a naturally happy disposition and a temperament that make them a perfect addition to any family.

While they are large in size, they’re also extremely intelligent, which makes them very easy to train. You’ll have your Bernese Mountain dog “sitting” by your side (and providing calm reassurance) before you know it!

Bichon Frise

This little French dog is more than just a pretty face. With a spirited, playful temperament and an extremely keen intellect, the Bichon is both easy to train and generally a happy, sweet and loving dog.

If you’re looking for a therapeutic dog, keep in mind that this one requires a little in return as well. Bichon Frises need a lot of attention from its family, making it a great dog for people with kids.


They might look… funny, but the dachshund’s sweet temperament is nothing to laugh about. These small, sweet dogs are loyal and loving and prefer to sleep in the bed of a family member rather than by themselves in a pet bed.

If you choose a dachshund, you’ll want to invest in some good training. These little dogs are very curious and into everything, so proper training will be key to ensuring he or she is a good addition to your family.

Got a therapy dog already? Give him or her a little therapy of their own! Come into Doggie District and see how we pamper our best friends. They – and you – will love it!