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10 Signs Your Dog is Actually Your “Baby”

Ugly Dog

The “pet bed” has more support than your mattress.

If you’ve purchased your doggie a luxe, designer place to sleep, chances are your dog is your first-born child. After all, you can’t expect your own flesh and fur to sleep on anything less comfortable than a down-stuffed cushion, right?

You throw birthday parties.

And we’re not just talking once a year. Sure, the good doggie parent gives their beloved pooch an annual fete, but an ultra-dog lover celebrates seven of them a year. After all, dogs have their own timetables to keep. Bonus coddling points if you make a dog-friendly birthday cake.

You’re not sure your dog can walk.

…. Because you’re always carrying him or her. If you’re in the habit of letting your pooch snuggle on your lap, tucking her into your handbag or carting him around in a doggie stroller, you’ve got a bona fide pet-child in your care.

Halloween is a fancy affair.

When things get spooky around Halloween, your dog is right there participating in the action. And you’ve got some pretty particular standards; Spot can’t wear the same costume as he did two years ago, after all.

You hire photographers.

You can’t let your beloved doggie out of site long, so you have beautiful headshots professionally taken of her. That way you can keep her on your desk – and in your wallet, your locket and by your bedside table (okay, that might just be bordering on obsession).

You introduce yourself as your pet’s parent.

It’s like when you’re talking to another mom or dad of your school-aged children, and you identify yourself as “so-and-so’s-mom-or-dad”… Except we’re not talking about human children. If you’ve ever introduced yourself as “Princess’s dad,” or “Rocko’s mom,” you have a dog-baby.

You visit the spa.

… but not for your own benefit. You take your little bundle of fur to the doggie spa for some in-depth relaxation and beauty treatments. After all, when your doggie is happy, everyone is happy (not to mention your “little one” probably knows Doggie District by smell!).

You socialize – on social media.

If your dog has a Facebook profile, Twitter handle or Instagram account all of her very own, well, you’re a pet parent. Of course, you want to make sure she’s always looking good for her fans, so you dress her up for fancy selfie shots.

You share the bed (and the couch, and the armchair….)

If your doggie has carte blanch at the household furniture, he’s not just your child – you’re treating him better than most real children! Your doggie cuddles up in your sheets every night and always has a place on the couch next to you.

You know his favorite takeout spots.

When you’re ordering in, you already know which leftovers (or if you’re really bad, non-leftovers) your pet will enjoy the most. Got a pad thai junkie or a pepperoni fiend? You’ve got a doggie baby.

Your turn! We know you’re all proud doggie parents out there, so tell us the funny/quirky/silly/crazy things you do that let your dog (and everyone else) know he or she is your baby bundle of joy! Post below!