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10 Reasons To Be Thankful for Your Dog

Happy dog

He’s always there when you come home.

Whether you live with a houseful of busy people or all by yourself, it can be depressing to come home to an empty house. That said, if you’ve got a canine friend, that’s a problem you’ll never have. Not only is your dog there when you get home, but he is always, always excited to see you – and the feeling is likely mutual!

She helps you feel safer at night.

Maybe you have a state-of-the-art alarm system in your home. Maybe you just have your trusty German shepherd. Chances are, if you have a dog, you rest a little easier at night knowing that your canine friend is on the watch (even when she’s sleeping). Dogs are great at sensing when things are not quite right – and that’s great for you and your family.

He’s always willing to snuggle.

It’s funny that dogs don’t seem to get moody – or hold grudges. If you’ve got a dog, you always have a snuggle partner. Whether you’re watching Netflix or having trouble falling asleep, you can always cuddle in close.

She keeps your floor clean.

…or at least clear of crumbs and other debris! When you have a dog, you’ve got a bit of a built-in vacuum, even if you need to run the mop around a little more to clean up after her tongue.

He keeps you active.

There’s one thing that most dogs have in common: they love to play. And all that energy has to escape somehow. When you have a dog, you’re forced to be more active – and that’s a beautiful thing. Chances are, those daily walks, runs and afternoons playing fetch in the park are helping to keep you healthy.

She’s your kids’ best friend.

Growing up is hard. From school bullies to striking out at the baseball game to failing a test – there are a lot of disappointments in the world for growing kids. But your dog is likely your children’s best friend, and she’s always there to help them feel better – no matter how bad their day was.

He doesn’t judge.

No matter how silly you are (even when you came out of the bedroom in your Halloween costume), your dog still loves you – no judgment! That’s what makes him the truest sort of friend; you can be who you really are and he’ll still love you, no questions asked.

She doesn’t care where she is.

You could be towing your dog through an airport or subjecting her to a ten-hour road trip. Most likely, she won’t care – as long as she’s doing it with you! For dogs, it’s all about the company – not the location. And that’s got to make you feel pretty good inside.

He knows when you need him.

Dogs can sense when you’re feeling down, hurt or depressed. And lending some comfort is just part of their natures. If you’ve ever felt sad and soon had a furry little bundle in your lap or licking your hand, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

She just keeps wagging.

There’s something about a dog that inspires you to be more positive, more loving and more persevering. Think about it; even on the worst of days, it doesn’t take much to get a dog to wag her tail. That’s something to emulate – and be grateful for.

Your turn! Why are you thankful for your dog?