Whether you want to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, stop jumping on visitors, or come to you when called, our training programs are designed to enhance your relationship with your dog. Struggling with an ill-mannered furry friend can definitely put a stress on the entire family. We can help at our four Las Vegas Dog Training locations!

Our trainers use proven and positive methods that are customized for each dog based on their breed and personality. Our programs:

  • Teach your dog that you are in charge
  • Reduce family stress
  • Reduce home and personal belonging damage
  • Save dogs lives!
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We have an amazing success rate on addressing the common challenges like leash pulling, jumping, and running away as well as many other challenging situations. Our training programs range from general obedience sessions to focused training camps. We have the ability to design a personally tailored dog training program that meets your specific needs and unique training goals.

So, the first 24 hours back with Chica…Obviously, yesterday at this time, Chica and I were both quite tired… We got to the house and both slept until mid-afternoon…We had dinner and Chica just moped around the house for the rest of the night.. I suspected that she was missing her new friend Roxy…This morning, when we woke, Chica was still lethargic and inactive..I decided to try working on her commands.As soon as the collar jingled, Chica came to life..We got on leash and she started working her commands with excitement and control.

Chica was so enthused to train.. This has become her new inspiration..She executed each command repetitively with precision.She even seemed to have a sense of accomplishment while doing it….I cannot thank you enough..Your training has allowed Chica and I to continue building our connection and communication..She just keeps getting better and better..

Thanks again…

Doug West


Lodge & Learn Training Programs












Doggie District Pet Resort & Training Center’s Lodge & Learn programs are a great choice for dedicated pet parents that want customized detailed training for their dog. Our programs use positive reinforcement methods and include follow-up service with our professional training staff. Want your dog to have better manners? Call us today 702-386-3647 to set up your FREE training evaluation today!

Ultimate Dog Package

Includes 21 days of personalized training and 21 nights of doggie lodging.

Super Dog Package

Includes 19 days of personalized training and 19 nights of doggie lodging.


The Ultimate-Dog and Super-Dog training packages are tailor-made for pet parents. They both include; two private lessons with your pooch and our trainers, lifetime phone support, and of course the DOGGIE DISTRICT success guarantee.

Smart Dog Package

Includes 17 days of individualized training and 17 nights of doggie lodging

Happy Dog Package

Includes 15 days of individualized training and 15 nights of doggie lodging


The Smart-Dog and Happy-Dog training packages are customized for pet parents. They both include two private lessons for you and your pup with our trainers, 1 year of phone support, and as always, the DOGGIE DISTRICT success guarantee.

Don’t forget ALL Lodge & Learn training packages include 10 FREE days of doggie daycare for those important socialization skills!

Meet with the best training staff in LV to create the perfect training program for you and your pup!