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Eagle Pack Holistic Select and Eagle Pack Super Premium

Eagle Pack Holistic Select and Eagle Pack Super Premium brands offer natural, human-grade ingredients and the highest quality meat meals, grains, and fats and oils available. Both contain at least 8 of their holistic, custom supplements.

California Natural

Simply put, California Natural offers complete and balanced nutrition in its most pristine form. It’s more than a food for pets, it’s a nutritionally superior recipe. In using so few ingredients, California Natural satisfies your pet’s hunger without upsetting the digestive system. We’re proud to boast that the ingredient list is among the shortest of dry pet foods, and that California Natural use only natural ingredients plus essential vitamins and minerals.

Innova Holistic Dog Food

Just as dietitians recommend following the U.S. Department of Agriculture food pyramid for our own dietary needs, Innova applies this same principle when creating foods for our animal friends. Every Innova pet product incorporates elements from the five food pyramid groups – meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit and grain – plus essential fats and oils to deliver supreme nutrition for the overall health of your dog or cat.

EVO The Ancestral Diet Meets Modern Nutrition

EVO foods and treats contain ingredients and nutrient levels which most closely resemble the ancestral diet of dogs. Similar to a diet of prey, EVO provides dogs with energy and nutrients derived from meat-based proteins and highly digestible fats. Natura Pet Products has developed the ideal ancestral diet in EVO – the grain free, lowest carb, protein rich alternative for your pet.