My dogs absolutely LOVE Doggie District and so do I! It’s so nice to know that I can drop them off in the morning and when I pick them up after work they’ve had a full day and are ready to go home and sleep all night. It’s also nice to know that when I have to go out of town that they will be loved and well taken care of, and are more then happy to go Doggie District! I always recommend them to everyone I know :)

Las Vegas

I’ve taken my 1 1/2yo Jack Russell “Steve” here a few times. He LOVES it. He’s so tired after a day of running around all crazy he can barely stay awake once I get him in the car to head home. Its also a relief to see him pulling on the leash trying to get inside and I can barely hang on to him to get him signed in, because he’s just wanting to get inside to play so bad. I will be boarding him for 2 weeks in Sept and I just hope he’ll want to come home.

Laurie Osgood
Las Vegas

We take Molly to the Rainbow/Cheyenne facility. We’ve left her for 3 weeks at a time when we travel. The only problem we have is that she LOVES to stay there…and sometimes gives us the cold shoulder when we pick her up! She has grown up with Doggie District and they love her. They even gave her another nickname…Molly Brownpants. I don’t know where the nickname comes from, but they smile when she comes in and she is always excited to see them.

Gretchen Braner
Las Vegas, NV

Socrates has been going to the Doggie District for about 4 years now (really?), and he loves it. He gets so excited when we pull into the driveway. If you love your dog please send him to the Doggie District for the day. Your dog will love you in return.

Stacey D Gray
Las Vegas, nv

I would like to take this time to thank everyone at doggie district for the care they give my little girl Gabbi. She is always very nervous when I drop her off, but I can tell when I pick her up how much fun she has had because she is wore out. Between her nerves and her separation anxiety she is quit a mess. So I would like to thank Doggie District employees for all the attention she gets. It makes it easier on me to know she is being taking care of when I am traveling. Thanks again and she will see you next Saturday for a week.

Steve Stutheit
Las Vegas, NV

I have been taking our two dogs to daycare when my husband was away on a trip. It’s been a god-send to me. They are so kind and considerate…even come to the car and get them, and bring them out to me! As a senior citizen, I especially appreciate the individual care and attention. I’ve used the Rainbow and Cheyenne location. Can’t say enough about the employees. Thanks again….Susan, Gate and Bella!

Susan H. Linton
Las Vegas, Nevada

I adopted my boxer/chow yesterday and the rescue organization had boarded him at your place. First I want to thank you for boarding rescues. You are saving lives. I loved the atmosphere at your place and was impressed how well the dogs were taken care of and how the handlers had them under control. The customer service was excellent. It was a great place for my ‘Handsome’ to be until I adopted him. He is balanced and happy, thanks to you! Great job!

Marion D
Las Vegas

My Shila just loves Doggie District. She gets excited when I tell she is going to play today. Austin is a God Send to us dog lovers. The care our babies are given and the freedom to play all day and not be caged is great. I tell everyone I see that has dogs about Doggie District.The staff is great and you never need to worry about your pet. Thanks Doggie District and now there are 2 of them just try Doggie District and you will love them.

Joyce Christopher
Las Vegas NV

Our boys absolutely love Doggie District, aka….school! They love all of their friends that work there and absolutely love it when they get to go! As a protective mommy…I can honestly say that I have never been worried while they are there. I know that they are in great hands and are being well taken care of! Thanks to everyone that watches our boys!

Jennifer Bledsoe
North Las Vegas